Food, beverage, and… Airflow

Caoduro S.p.A. was present at the 2015 Milan Expo providing the SMOKE OUT® skylights and smoke and heat evacuators present in America, Ecuador, Kuwait, and Biodiversity pavilions. But the real novelty is a product that due to its characteristics (linear and clean design, ease of installation, and high functionality) represents an innovation in the field of SENFC (natural smoke and heat evacuation systems).

We are talking about Air Flow. A device designed and built to meet the now unavoidable regulatory need to equip the systems with special openings for the inflow of air capable of interfacing with the rest of the SENFC system. In addition to about eighty SMOKE OUT® ENFC evacuators, more than 130 Air Flow ™ devices have been installed in the 11 Food and Beverage buildings distributed along the Decumano area, dedicated to the comfort of visitors, with relaxation areas, bars, restaurants, commercial spaces, and toilets to make the visit to the universal exhibition more pleasant.

The perfect dialogue between the various devices is guaranteed by installing electronic control and management panels, in particular, the MDE01 / MDE04 box allows the opening of the SMOKE OUT® devices on the roof and the innovative AAF panel allows simultaneous opening of Air Flow ™ and ENFCs. All this in compliance with the CE marking of the products and the reference standards UNI 9494-1 and EN 12101-2. CAODURO® thus confirms itself as the ideal partner alongside designers to evaluate together the most efficient and updated systems to be proposed to the various clients.