Industrial buildings. CAODURO® proposals

For the roofs of industrial buildings, the possibility of exploiting zenithal lighting is a resource of considerable importance. Furthermore, daily ventilation and fire safety are essential requirements for achieving the conditions of comfort and safety necessary for the proper performance of activities in compliance with current regulations and must be considered from the initial design stages.
CAODURO® offers a wide range of products able to satisfy these needs, among which the skylights of the 035 FX series stand out.

Our skylights are made by thermoforming compact polycarbonate sheets, guaranteeing light diffusion, impact resistance, and self-extinguishing fire behavior.
Each skylight is composed of modular elements that allow us to obtain different lengths to be able to adapt to the construction site openings. The use of modular elements also allows us to simplify the storage and logistics of materials, facilitating and speeding up the installation operations.

CAODURO skylights are available in single or double walls or equipped with an internal flat honeycomb plate to optimize the thermal insulation characteristics and promote energy saving and internal comfort. They can also be integrated with special certified anti-fall nets to secure the holes and facilitate the necessary maintenance operations.
Thanks to special elements developed by the company, it is possible to insert both ventilation openings and SMOKE OUT® evacuators along with the skylights without interrupting the linearity of the skylights.

The openings can be partial or full hole for the complete opening of the skylight. Each opening is made up of a double aluminum frame moved by special electric or pneumatic motors which, according to their length, allow you to adjust the ventilation. The frame can be equipped with a special low transmittance BT profile to improve its thermal characteristics. The SMOKE OUT evacuators are pneumatic and allow in the event of a fire to facilitate the intervention of the rescue teams and the evacuation of people. Each evacuator can be equipped with an actuator called MINI-ENERGY that allows you to receive a low voltage pulse from both a fire detection control unit and our MDE01 control box for manual and automatic opening.

In addition to the configuration for emergency opening, the SMOKE OUT® devices can be integrated with auxiliary electric motors that allow them to be used for daily ventilation. These devices are part of more complex systems called Smoke and Heat Evacuation Systems (SENFC) envisaged and described by the UNI 9494-1 standard. In addition to the evacuators, other products such as the SMOKE HOLD ™ smoke barriers, the AIR FLOW ™ openings, and the MDE01 and AAF electronic command and control panels that allow perfect dialogue between the various elements, contribute to the definition of these systems, providing rescue teams with an effective tool to be able to intervene with significantly reduced timing.

The wide range of products and sizes available, the modularity of the elements, the possibility of inserting openable elements for ventilation and evacuators for smoke and heat control, allow us to satisfy the increasingly demanding requests of customers and designers. From the early stages of design, we are the ideal partner able to provide personalized and qualified technical support thanks to the expertise and experience gained from over 60 years of work.