Caoduro® expands its range of devices for smoke exhaust ventilation with the new Smoke Aries®, with fully electric motor. Also useful for daily ventilation, it is tested for 10,000 operating cycles

Thanks to the new SMOKE ARIES® natural electric smoke ventilator developed by Caoduro S.p.A. it is possible to realize completely electrically powered smoke exhaust ventilation systems at very low voltage. These plants allow to create and maintain a smoke-free layer above the floor by removing smoke and heat so as to allow the safety escape of occupants and facilitate the action of rescue teams.

The use of the new SMOKE ARIES® natural electric smoke ventilator, patented and CE marked according to EN 12101-2, has several advantages:

    • Use of only one electric motor both for the functions of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation and for the daily ventilation of the premises.
    • In case of accidental openings you can conveniently close the devices from the ground via a remote push-button with obvious benefits in time, cost and safety.
    • Zero maintenance costs thanks to easy opening and closing by the electric motor, without using consumables such as CO2 cylinders.
QE ARIES control box

Each natural smoke ventilator is equipped with a STE2 thermoelectric sensor that, communicating with the QE ARIES control box, allows the emergency opening upon reaching the temperature set inside the premises.
The QE ARIES control box is designed to receive the fire signal from the fire detection unit in order to manage the automatic opening of the natural smoke ventilators. Thanks to special buttons it is also possible to use the Smoke Aries® as openings for daily ventilation and, by adding the wind and rain sensor, to program the closing in case of bad weather.

Finally, the installation of the openings for the inflow of fresh air AIR FLOW and the relative AAF control panels completes the system and allow to effectively keep the lower layer free from smoke and heat.
Since the early stages of design, Caoduro® is the ideal partner able to provide customized and qualified technical support thanks to the experience gained and the wide range of products available, allowing to realize complete systems and to satisfy the widest needs of the customer.