We keep grown thanks to the strength of our ideas. We continue to develop them through constant and in-depth research on materials and new technologies. Quality and authenticity sets us apart and have always placed us among the industry leaders in Europe.


Our story begins in 1951 and continues through great collaborations and exciting projects. Ours is a familiar world grown slowly, which has been able to transform an artisan business into an advanced industry, where management and employees share the same passion for work.
We give concrete answers to the needs of our customers, ranging from industrial to residential buildings, from sports facilities to design, from commercial environments to cultural institutions.

We make domes, skylights, ribbed structures, upstands, daily ventilation systems, control boxes, smoke and heat control systems, smoke and fire control barriers, and natural and forced ventilation systems. Our production process starts with the raw material and ends with the finished product, all inside our business. We take care of the logistical and distribution aspects. We supervise the operators during the installation phases and carry out periodic maintenance checks.
Our first goal is to give a highly efficient product. Impeccable in its operation even after many years. We believe in research, to find the best materials, and to create new technical solutions, we combine our know-how with modern technologies. Our key concepts are quality and originality and we convey them into our products.

We offer our services throughout the national territory and beyond. We export to numerous European countries, to Russia (thanks to our Moscow office), to Arab countries, and North Africa.


We believe in the power of light, which defines the contours of reality. It is the natural light that highlights the details of the environment and sustainably improves the quality of life. By reducing the use of artificial lighting sources.

We believe in the importance of the daily ventilation system, which makes every space livable and healthy, allowing constant air circulation and improving general comfort.

This is why we are committed to creating functional lighting and ventilation systems, intending to give value to the concepts of natural well-being and energy saving.

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Our story

The story begins with a man, Isidoro Caoduro, a flat tire and a salesman of an English company…


Many try to emulate us, but no one has yet managed to do it properly.

Our values



The years spent discovering the properties and uses of plastics have made us unbeatable in the field. The journey to date has lasted three generations and is enriched every day with news and details that can make a difference. We keep our goals high, strong in our past.



We truly care about human relationships because there is no better guarantee than mutual trust. We will always be by your side and we will follow you in the delivery, assembly, and maintenance phases, making use of highly qualified and specialized personnel to satisfy every need and request for customization



Create means giving birth to new products. This is what we have always done, through our offices and field tests, as evidenced by the numerous patents and trademarks registered. Our products are at the forefront of a technological and material point of view. We never stop, looking towards the future.



The love for our work defines us. And our team believes in it, management and collaborators work together to get the most out of each project. We work side by side with energy, competence, and dedication. An attitude that has always lead us.



For us, quality is expressed throughout the production cycle. Our team of professionals controls all phases, including the installation and periodic monitoring of each system. This approach to work guarantees durability and longevity to our products, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.



We are aware of the world around us and actively protect it. Almost 95% of the waste deriving from the processing of our products is recycled thanks to agreements with specialized companies. Furthermore, waste wood finds a second life as a fuel for heating our company.