“Bringing light" underground, this was the request of the Brescia City Council when planning 11 of 17 underground stations of the city's Metrobus.

The light from the roof

Each of the stations we’ve built has been designed with a variable number of off-centre cusp pyramids wanted by the designer to create the effect of movement of the domes themselves, which start aligned at the base and differ in height. The design peculiarity lies in the diversity of each of the four faces, a detail analysed and studied within the Caoduro S.p.A. technical office.
Some of the pyramids realised are placed on a finned metal base that is designed to allow continuous natural ventilation. Made of galvanised, pre-painted steel or aluminium, it is stress-resistant and particularly suitable for outdoor use. A hinge has been designed at the base to allow the pyramids to rotate in order to ensure maintenance.

Stations realised
m below ground
Ribbed diamond domes

Maximum safety

In the case of Brescia, the ribbed pyramids were made of 8mm+8mm double glazing tempered and laminated with a plastic film (PVB) to ensure safety in the event of impact. This type of product usually consists of monolithic sheets of thermoformed polycarbonate with a choice of colours: transparent, opal white, bronze smoke or green.

Heartfelt thanks to the CREW design studio for sharing photographs of the completed work.