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All production phases take place in our headquarters, combining our knowledge of materials with modern industrial and automated programs. The entire process develops through an ordered sequence of processes that transform the flat polycarbonate sheets into finished products ready for delivery, complete with their accessories.
We shape ideas

Thanks to modern technologies and studies on mathematical models, we constantly develop new solutions and make wooden models of products for molding prototypes.

Where everything takes shape

We have a series of workstations and computerized thermoforming machines that allow the plates to be heated in hot air ovens and to carry out the hot vacuum molding of panels up to 250 × 750 cm in size

The details that matter

The thermoformed product is trimmed using numerically controlled cutters and subsequently assembled with frame elements and motorization mechanisms, to arrive at the finished product.

A complete product

We carry out all the complementary processes to the product internally, including the welding of frames, opening devices, safety nets, and other accessory elements.

At the base of our work

To facilitate the insertion of our products on various types of roofs, we make polyester resin bases, reinforced with PRVF glass fiber, and special connection applications.

Nothing escapes us

We evaluate every single piece made in our factory in a direct and real way, verifying its correct assembly and functionality to ensure maximum efficiency for our customers.

Certainty above all

We test the opening systems and the functioning of the various products using special equipment and, since 1990, we have used a test plant for measuring the Aa (useful evacuation surface) on smoke and heat evacuators.

A large functional space

To effectively manage the storage of materials and products, we have a covered area of over 3,000 square meters which also includes an automated warehouse for components and small parts.

We arrive everywhere, always

We promptly manage the delivery of individual orders thanks to a fleet of vehicles with which we reach all over the national and international territory.