Air-plate® EVC axial fans are designed for direct ventilation of civil and industrial buildings, where large volumes of air have to be extracted at moderate pressures, for applications on vertical supports.
They are realized with impellers with high efficiency airfoil blades. Built with weather resistant materials, their installation is facilitated by some accessories that complete their functional requirements. They are characterized by an extreme compactness, thanks to a motor with minimum protrusion and a small footprint.
The use is foreseen in industrial, commercial and tertiary buildings, when spaces are not comfortable due to excessive heat and presence of smoke, gas, smells or overcrowding effects. These fans guarantee the continuous air exchange in rooms, bringing out discomfort sources.
The fan is composed of: bird protection and motor support grid, manufactured in compliance with EN ISO 12499 Standard and made of weather resistant steel wire; supporting square frame with wide shaped inlet made of corrosion-resistant plastic material; asynchronous electric motor with thermal protection, IP55 protection rating, F insulation class, service S1, compact and without cooling fan, designed to be used exclusively in axial fans; impeller with high efficiency airfoil blades with variable pitch angle, made of plastic material, and die cast aluminium alloy hub; motor support and safety grid.
Some accessories are available upon request: inlet gravity shutter; impeller side external protection grid; spacer; service switch; rain cover terminal element.
Following versions are available upon request: input operation version; die cast aluminium alloy impeller version; UNEL-MEC motor version; EVCM ATEX version.