ClimÒ® has been realized to offer a natural, ecological and refreshing solution for industrial buildings, where air conditioning systems are too expensive to afford.
It gives and maintains a pleasant fresh sensation all day long.
ClimÒ® is available with upwards, lateral and downwards air flow. It is made of corrosion-resistant materials, a tank and closing panels made of stainless AISI 304 steel, aluminium profile structure. It can be completely dismantled in order to make the installation easier in those places difficult to get to and can be provided with filtering panels, as accessories.
It is equipped with a control system that reduces cooling action when the external climate allows to have comfortable conditions within the concerned room. This device consists of a thermostat and a humidistat that restrain the re-circulation water pump.
ClimÒ® introduces air in the concerned rooms with lower temperature than the outside from 5 to 8°C. Energy consumption is only 1.5 kW and an effective filtering action is performed thanks to the filters installed on the machine perimeter and the subsequent air passage on exchange panels.
Control panels, which are specifically studied for various system types, allow to operate devices and accessories, besides signal room conditions and anomalous situations.
It is possible to combine the ventilation systems: air exhaust fans or systems with flux crosses on static plate heat exchangers, with possible post-heating batteries, which maintain comfortable room conditions with minimum energy consumption. Moreover, it is possible to realize refreshing systems, provided with proper bypass with motorized shutters, that allow to use the same distribution systems both in winter and summer time.
Kits are sized according to the dimensions of the room to be treated and are inclusive of: ClimÒ® refresher; base upstand (in case of roof installation); control panel with external thermostat and humidistat; insulated links with regulating slow opening shutter; assembling, operating and maintenance instruction.