PSO-AD powered smoke exhaust ventilators can solve problems related to smoke and heat control in buildings with several floors or with divided into areas, such as hotels, offices, hospitals, car parks, high rises, etc.
PSO-AD complies with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011. It is provided with CE marking, tested and certified according to EN 12101-3 Standard by a notified body. These PSHEVs are certified to operate in the event of an emergency (fire) with performance F200 (200°C / 120’), F300 (300°C / 60’), F300/120 (300°C / 120’) or F400 (400°C / 120’). They are also suitable to work in continuous at the maximum ambient temperature of 40°C.
PSO-AD is an intubated axial fan, suitable for wall or duct applications. It is composed of: asynchronous three-phase electric motor, IP 55 protection rating, B3 form (impeller directly coupled with motor shaft); conveyor made of steel protected with epoxy paint; impeller with high efficiency airfoil blades, variable pitch in still position, made of cast aluminium; air flow from impeller to motor (FGM) for a better performance.
Following versions are available upon request: S version (short conveyor with protruding motor from the case), M version (medium conveyor with the motor almost completely included in the case), L version (long conveyor with the motor completely included in the case), air flow from motor to impeller version (FMG), double polarity version.
Some accessories are available upon request: flat protection grid, which prevents accidental contact with moving parts of the fan (necessary for use in free air); fixing feet, which allows the fan anchoring; HT anti-vibration joint, which prevents the propagation of vibrations; inlet nozzle, which allows a greater fan efficiency in case of non-ducted holes; circular overpressure damper (400°C / 120’ certified); external terminal box or HT service switch.
Air flow rates vary from a minimum of 1,000 m3/h to a maximum of 150,000 m3/h. Please contact our offices to specify models and performances.