PSO-TA powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilator is destined to systems requiring the extraction of large volumes of fire smokes, for roofing applications.
PSO-TA complies with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011. It is provided with CE markingtested and certified according to EN 12101-3 Standard by a notified body.
The standard model is composed of: fixing base with wide radius inlet cone made of galvanized steel sheet, prepared to be mounted on upstand and to insert the overpressure damper; impeller with high efficiency airfoil blades made of cast aluminium and variable pitch angle in still position; bird protection grid made of weather resistant steel wire (in compliance with EN ISO 12499 Standard); motor protection cover made of weather resistant metal; asynchronous three-phase electric motor, IP 55 protection rating, H insulation class with single polarity, directly coupled to the impeller; power supply voltage 400V – 50Hz.
The fan is operated by an automatic command coming from smoke and heat detection unit. Control unit, sensors and connection system have to be placed by a qualified installer, which is not supplied by us (the power supply line must be safe and must guarantee the operation in any state).
Double polarity 2V motor is available upon request.
Some accessories are available upon request: flat protection grid, which prevents accidental contact with moving parts of the fan (necessary for use in free air); overpressure damper, which avoids natural ventilation and consequent heat loss while the ventilation fan is switched off; the upstand to be applied on the roof, made of metal and suitable for flat coverings; HT external terminal block.
These PSHEVs are certified to operate in the event of an emergency (fire) with performance F400 (400°C / 120’). They are also suitable to work in continuous at the maximum ambient temperature of 50°C.