The Italian Decree D.M. 03/08/2015 introduced fire-fighting technical rules valid for all activities not regulated before. The Decree has brought the concept of emergency smoke and heat disposal, in order to facilitate flames extinguishing by rescuers. Emergency smoke and heat disposal is operated through suitable openings that generally are the same openings ordinarily available.
With this mind, we have increased our range of products for smoke and heat control with optimized openings for smoke disposal. These, connected to a smoke and fire detection system, are able to open up to let smoke escape and allow a more efficient action by rescue teams.
Openings maximum angle (up to 90°) is agreed in design stage, depending on both the size of the hole which can be square or rectangular, and the model of monobloc dome or continuous modular skylight that covers the opening.
Smoke disposal device is driven by an electric motor with variable voltage, variable stroke and electric end of stroke switch or by a pneumatic cylinder. It consists of a frame and counter frame made with shaped tubular profile with extruded aluminium rectangular section and transversal profiles. Die-cast corner brackets avoid the caulking that could cause water infiltration. Hinges and aluminium accessories are fixed to the frame by sliding plates, so as to avoid drilling and milling that could case frame weakening and water infiltrations.
Opening and closing actions for daily ventilation can be exclusively managed by electric or pneumatic CAODURO® control boxes, which are available upon request. These can be provided with GUARDIAN control unit and its wind-rain sensor.
The latter is able to command the immediate closing of the connected device in case of adverse weather conditions.
Automatic closing is however inhibited if the fire emergency signal is active.
The device in open position is constrained by one or more pushing points. It is recommended not to open the device for daily ventilation in case of strong wind or adverse weather conditions unless you have installed GUARDIAN control unit and its wind-rain sensor.