SMOKE HOLD – SHA active smoke curtains comply with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011. They are provided with CE marking, tested and certified according to EN 12101-1 Standard by a notified body.
These curtains work entirely on gravity, are fail-safe and incorporate all the latest electronic innovations. They consist of a galvanized metal roller box containing a curtain made of flexible fiberglass fabric coated with grey aluminium polymer on both sides, rolled up on a winding roller with a 24V motor and with almost unlimited lengths.
The lower edge of the curtains is provided with a steel profile that acts as a counterweight in order to stabilize the descend and mechanically blocks the closing. This profile is finished with a white polycarbonate shaped cover.
With active smoke curtains, smoke accumulation areas can be created. The curtains fall to a certain height that must be higher than the smoke layer calculated according to ventilation systems. This height must not affect escape routes.
Smoke curtains can be placed in ceilings with open spaces in order to prevent smoke rising to the upper floors and spreading to other rooms.
Any space between ceiling and the roller box can be closed by a fabric strip just like the curtain. This one is fastened to the box, stretched and fastened to the ceiling in order to avoid any smoke infiltration.
Side retaining and sliding guides guarantee the lateral seal of smoke and heat, thus allowing a linear descend of the curtain. The guides, made of galvanized metal sheet, are necessary for curtains that operate at high temperatures (DH) and are available upon request for standard curtains (D). On the sides of the curtains, special pins are applied to the fabric to allow its sliding inside lateral guides.