The application of natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators for walls and saw-tooth roofs deserves a more in-depth analysis. The NSHEVs installed on buildings walls could be in fact exposed to overpressures due to wind effects, or could be directly hit by headwinds, thus rejecting smoke inside the building itself. Therefore, only a careful evaluation of the designer allows to predict the real NSHEVS operating conditions, by assessing the presence of causes which can negatively influence smoke and heat exhaust ventilation in the event of fire, with any external weather condition.
The SMOKE OUT VERT natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators for walls, manufactured by CAODURO®comply with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011. They are provided with CE markingtested and certified according to EN 12101-2 Standard by a notified body with the aerodynamic free area evaluated in absence of wind conditions.
The device is made up of a natural anodized aluminium vertical frame (with or without thermal break), built with extruded profiles.
Aluminium span-in glazing bead are suitable for holding alveolar polycarbonate sheets in opal or transparent colours or glass sheets.
The frame can be opened with a single leaf with a central cross-piece, complete with hinges, gaskets and fastening hardware.
Awning window opening device is made up of a support bracket anchored to the frame, a double effect pneumatic actuating cylinder and a decelerator with brake function to slow down the opening. Moreover, it is equipped with an actuator device with non-thermosensitive element as required by standards, unless otherwise specified.
Inspection and maintenance take place by opening the device from the outside.
There are two sealing points for fastening against possible accidental openings, which ensure frame stability in presence of extreme weather conditions.
Opening for daily ventilation by means of electric motor or compressed air is an optional.




Opening downwards
Opening upwards
Daily ventilation electric opening