The use of NSHEVs for walls requires that natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system, NSHEVS, always has enough NSHEVs available on a wall of the building not exposed to winds. It also requires that NSHEVS is supplemented by a wind speed and direction control system, thus avoiding the opening of devices exposed to headwinds.
Compliance with these circumstances, which are necessary to ensure correct NSHEVS operating with any weather condition, leads to double the number of NSHEVs required and to insert a control and command circuit into the system, with a significant increase in costs. The use of roof NSHEVs on saw-tooth roofs can protect the device from side wind but does not give full guarantee that in each configuration there is no headwind which contrasts smoke exit.
Upon these considerations CAODURO® has developed its SMOKE SHED®, designed and patented with suitable retractable aerodynamic spoilers, which are activated only when the device opens in case of fire.
These guarantee the Aa value (aerodynamic free area) evaluated in presence of wind. The opening angle is optimized in order to obtain this Aa value and does not have any protrusion, which normally the market offers with an unsightly effect.




Smoke Shed Close
Smoke Shed Open

SMOKE SHED® was tested in laboratory with an horizonal 10 m/s speed wind, as required by Aa evaluation tests.
SMOKE SHED natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators for walls and saw-tooth roofs comply with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011. They are provided with CE markingtested and certified according to EN 12101-2 Standard by a notified body with the aerodynamic free area evaluated in presence of wind.
SMOKE SHED® allows to create safe NSHEVS in all conditions: with NSHEVs installed on saw-tooth roofs; with NSHEVs installed on walls; without wind speed and direction control systems. It also reduces NSHEVS cost by decreasing the number of NSHEVs and by simplifying the command and control system. Accordions and spoilers are always closed and come out only in case of fire, thus keeping the façades appearance unchanged, unlike imitations. The attention to details is maximum, and continuity of the elements is guaranteed in their closed position.
SMOKE SHED® is a patented device and complies with EN 12101-2 Standard.