Tow-air® EEC fans are designed for direct ventilation of residential and industrial buildings, where large volumes of air have to be extracted at low pressures, for roofing applications.
They are realized with impellers with high efficiency airfoil blades. Built with weather resistant materials, their installation is facilitated by GFPR or metallic upstands, for flat or curved roofs, compatible with corrugated roofing sheets.
The fan is composed of: upper cover made of plastic material; upper cover support brackets; UNEL-MEC series motor, IP 55 protection rating, F insulation class, service S1; bird protection and motor support grid, manufactured in compliance with EN ISO 12499 Standard and made of weather resistant steel wire; ring casing with double wide round shaped nozzle, made of weather resistant steel sheet; support ring made of weather resistant steel sheet, suitable for overpressure damper insertion and base installation; impeller with high efficiency airfoil blades made of plastic material and die cast aluminium alloy hub; inlet protection grid (optional), necessary for use in free air.
Some accessories are available upon request: inlet gravity shutter, only for exhaust fans; internal protection grid; service switch; GFRP or metallic upstand, for flat or curved roofs.
Following versions are available upon request: intake version; reversible air flow version; version with double polarity electric motor; ATEX version; version with metal sheet cover; PSO-TA F400 version (for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation in case of fire).