We have brought our best skills to the garden of Assicurazioni Generali

The light between the plants

About 30 years ago, to a project by the architect Spadolini, Assicurazioni Generali built their headquarters in Veneto and Caoduro S.p.A. provided the approximately 250 skylights then installed. Various types of double-walled methacrylate formats, part of which can be opened electrically and part with systems before the UNI 9494/89 standard, with only the thermostatic device calibrated for opening at approximately 68 ° C. Today, 2016, based on the redesign due to the current needs of the insurance company, 268 new products were supplied, including domes and continuous skylights, no longer in methacrylate but in double-walled polycarbonate, produced in self-extinguishing class B-s1-d0, highly resistant to impact from hail, technically advanced and CE marked.

sqm of gardens
sqm of the development area
smoke and heat evacuators

Maximum security

On the nearly 14,000 m2 of hanging gardens, 177 × 177 cm skylights have been found complete with aluminum frames, fixed with patented clamps, 154 of which are set up for electrical control or smoke, and heat evacuation and another 71 already electrically controlled. Other elements included in this context are 26 120 × 220 cm transparent polycarbonate domes installed in the area used as a covered garage; 9 of size 95 × 95 cm and 4 100 × 100 cm, 2 skylights, a 165 × 885 cm and a 165 × 705 cm equipped for smoke and heat evacuation with ENFC SMOKE OUT® and two other skylights, a 70 × 170 cm and a 70 × 120 cm, on our fixed window. Part of the domes installed is equipped with an anti-fall net, while the rest are equipped with blackout curtains, especially in the rooms dedicated to conferences.

A sincere thanks to Generali S.p.A. for having restored full confidence to Caoduro thanks to the previous thirty-year positive experience