Two residential areas of 1990s Moscow separated by the Moskva River finally joined by a bridge made of polycarbonate

An unusual bridge

It is a fully walkable work used for multiple functions such as restaurants, shops, various commercial activities. The considerable size and the particular location have committed CAODURO® in the research and development of particular technical devices, such as to guarantee maximum reliability and functionality even at very low temperatures. The assembly phases in fact took place with temperatures ranging between – 10 ° C and -22 ° C.

meters long

16 meters wide, it is 13 meters high above the Moskva River that flows through the Russian capital

curved aluminum profiles

There are many profiles that we used to cover the two floors of the bridge

polycarbonate sheets

1176 compact polycarbonate sheets were needed to cover the entire length of the bridge.

Technical details

For the realization of the curved vertical cladding, on both sides, cold-bent aluminum profiles were used coupled with transparent double-walled compact polycarbonate sheets held and sealed by special EPDM gaskets. Parts were also made, in curved tempered glass, to allow any people who were in the central part of the bridge and unable to reach the emergency exits, to find a safe place until the rescue intervention.

The bridge over the Moskva River allowed us to demonstrate our value on the international market and, in Moscow, started the complete modernization of the city, the most modern and richest area of the Russian city.