The beginning

The beginning was the most unexpected and unlikely. A coincidence born by a puncture on a tyre of an Italian car and a representative of an English company which was producing Perspex. It was the year 1951 in San Felice street, in Vicenza and that English man stopped in front of Isidoro Caoduro’s workshop. This meeting brought Isidoro to undertake a new business: different projects in terms of commissioning and application, serial productions of characters for signs, display cases for bars, ceiling lamps, caravan windows, windshields for cars and boats let him know thoroughly the plastic material.

At the end of the 50s, these products were joined by SIP telephone booths, armchairs, tables and Plexiglas chairs for elite furniture, and polymethyl methacrylate skylights. These ones gradually found more and more space on the roofs of factories, thanks to the development of the prefabrication, which changed the way to build.

Over the years, thanks to the passion spread by Isidoro’s sons Paolo and Carlo, the company converted from individual to FX di Caoduro in 1964, then consolidated its success in 1980 with the current CAODURO S.p.A., which involves the third generation. Today CAODURO® is one of the European biggest manufacturers of skylightssmoke and heat exhaust ventilators and full air treatment systems with SIV® Ventilation System.

The vanguard

In the new factories in Cavazzale at the beginning of the 80s, with the collaboration of the Genoese architect Renzo Piano, curved modules made of solid polycarbonate were realized. These elements allowed the IBM traveling expo to be produced. Between 1989 and 1990 the biggest pieces all over the world took shape: one thermoformed piece over 15 m2 wide, made of polycarbonate, an extremely resistant and self-extinguishing material. Polycarbonate has been, in fact, used for the 45,000 m2 cover of San Paolo stadium in Naples, for creating beams of light in Delle Alpi stadium in Turin, and for part of the cover of Palermo stadium. All these realizations were made in occasion of the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

Thanks to extremely versatile and unique equipment for the thermoforming process, designed within our company, many important projects were developed. Among these: the pedestrian covered bridge in Moscow, which is actually a mall 265 m long, military university in Mu’tah (Jordan), Don Giovanni Hotel in Prague, Bucarest airport, Ferrari museum in Maranello. Hundreds of covers of industrial buildings and commercial centres of the most famous brands in Europe were realized, theatres like La Scala in Milan and La Fenice in Venice were provided also with smoke and heat ventilators SMOKE OUT®, first in Italy to be made in compliance with Italian UNI 9494 Standard and CE marked, thus meeting the full requirements of European EN 12101-2 Standard.

Copertura dello Stadio San Paolo di Napoli con Tunnel termoformati CAODURO® Veduta aerea della copertura dello Stadio San Paolo di Napoli con Tunnel termoformati CAODURO®

Our strength

From the first shed in Olmo di Creazzo, to the present factory in Chiuppese Street in Monticello Conte Otto, Vicenza. A covered area of 13,200 m2 on almost 30,000 m2 of land, then increased in 2010 with the automated warehouse, thus reaching about 16,000 m2 covered. Here takes place the realization of thermoformed roofing elements made of polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate for industrial and residential buildings. There are many achievements in Italy and abroad that now exceed twenty or thirty years of age, keeping the characteristics of the original products almost unaltered, from warmer climates such as Jordan and the Arab countries, to colder ones like Russia and Kazakhstan. Caoduro S.p.A. owns one hundred patents, which provide added value to our products. These are already excellent thanks to a careful design and a use of top materials, thus ensuring a first-class level in terms of aesthetics, functionality and durability.

From monobloc domes to continuous skylights. From self-supporting structures to those classic ribbed structures or special coverings. From natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators for applications in roof or wall to smoke and heat curtains, powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators, air intake systems, boxes and other accessories. We can satisfy every design need in the best way, thanks to our experience gained in more than 67 years of history.

Our work

In addition to manufacturing area, in this building take place also the management offices, administrative, commercial and above all, the technical office. On these desks the pieces that today are installed in Italy and all over the world are designed in every detail. Starting from the freehand and the technical drawing to the modern 3D CAD software, our attention to the components has always been great, thus guaranteeing you a quality product, from design to use. The moulds of all our products are made in the internal modelling department. The whole producing program is computerized and automated. It also allows sheets to be loaded in the ovens using robots. The transformation of polyester resins for the realization of prefabricated upstands takes place in a special department equipped with a varnishing machine with a station for resins spraying, an annealing station with a hot air oven and a trimming station.
Close to the production department, the technical and testing sector operates. New high technology computerized equipment allows to have both a real evaluation of the stress-strain of the materials due to point and uniform loads and a technical prior evaluation. Our testing laboratory is, in fact, provided with a 60-channels control unit with strain gauges and inductive transducers for the direct evaluation of stresses and strains. Studies on finite element methods let us know the behaviour of the thermoformed material in detail, reducing at most the concentrations of residual stresses and obtaining more homogeneous thickness in our products. Caoduro’s technical and testing sector has been the first in Italy, since 1990, to be equipped with a test plant for measuring Aa (aerodynamic free area) on smoke and heat exhaust ventilators, which dimensions can reach a size of 230×300 cm. This allowed us to be at the vanguard, being the first to get CE marking in compliance to EN 12101-2 Standard.
We offer standard solutions ranging from the smallest 45×45 cm dome, up to remarkable sizes like self-supporting domes without metal structure, with a maximum diameter of 785 cm. We can examine various cases and offer customized solutions, from which new products often come to life. A striking example is our natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator SMOKE OUT® dual purpose: to the emergency ventilation function we added the daily ventilation function of rooms, whenever you want.

Domes, skylights, ribbed structures, frames, upstands, control boxes, roof and wall exhaust ventilators, smoke and fire curtains, electric and manual opening devices up to 15 m long, natural and powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems. This is what time and experience have taught us.

Know and let people know

Strengthened by our motto, our attention over the years has not only been aimed to our products, but also to the world that surround us. Always working with architects and designers, since 1985 we have supported activities that returned to the city of Vicenza various spaces and monuments. Among these we have Basilica Palladiana, which has been closed for years after being used as a covered basketball court, Palazzo Chiericati and Teatro Olimpico, which today hosts significant events in the city.
It is important to remember the architectural exhibitions with designers and opinion leaders such as Mario Botta, Renzo Piano, Gino Valle and others, that started the Andrea Palladio Architecture International Award in 1987. The competition was open to all under-40 architects and designers. The jury was composed by Francesco Dal Co, professor of architectural history at University of Venice and Yale University, Rafael Moneo, professor of architectural composition at Madrid University School of Architecture; James Stirling, professor at several European and American universities; Manfredo Tafuri, professor of architectural history at University of Venice.
The Award was born to take up the challenge of young architects, who complained about the attention dedicated only to big and famous names in the sector. Therefore, the brothers Paolo and Carlo decided to create this event, bringing the 20 finalists to exhibit their projects at the Basilica Palladiana, then to take part to the award ceremony at the Teatro Olimpico and eventually to have a gala dinner at the Palazzo Chiericati, thus using the three main Palladio’s monuments in the city. The price, a great amount of money, allowed the winner architects to open architectural firms with innovative technologies and grow up increasing the proficiency in the sector. Under the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, from the beginning with 30 participating nations and 685 works in competition, the numbers have grown up to the fourth edition in 1993. This one involved 68 nations with guests of honour like Queen Noor of Jordan, King Hussein’s wife and the President of the Italian Senate Giovanni Spadolini. On this trail, Basilica Palladiana has become a space where many important events take place, up to the recent pictorial art exhibitions.
Since 1997 CAODURO® has also been sponsoring Dedalo Minosse International Architecture Commissioning Award, which occurs every two years and has now come to its tenth edition. The peculiarity of this award is to be the only international award assigned to the client of the architecture and not to the architect or to the work. This is to promote the quality of transformation of the territory, through the enhancement of the figure of the client, in the belief that without a “good client”, a “good architecture” can not be achieved.

Great attention has been paid to minor sports teams in Vicenza, helping them from minor divisions and bringing them to the major ones. Among these: Asiago Ice Hockey, the women’s volleyball team, the inline hockey team, which has been led to the first division and the waterpolo team, which has been led to the second division. This is to give the possibility to boys and young men to discover, grow up and excel in sport disciplines thanks to CAODURO® brand.