Actuator withMINI-ENERGY™ group

Smoke ventilators remote opening with electric control required the presence of actuators with pyrotechnic group.
This had a double limitation because the actuator had to be replaced after each event, even test ones, since it was not resettable and could also be triggered by thunderbolts or by radiofrequency, due to low level intervention threshold.
This involved a significant cost to replace the pieces and much more expensive inconveniences in case accidental smoke ventilators openings occurred during rain or at night.
The need to remove these problems has led to develop our original and patented MINI-ENERGY actuator. In addition to being resettable, it is highly reliable because it is not affected by thunderbolts or by radiofrequency, as certified by European Standard (electromagnetic compatibility test No. 97/DL – No. 259 05/09/2000). Moreover, low energy consumption (250mA – 24V DC) and the simplicity of installation make it suitable to be placed in already active existing systems with pyrotechnic actuators, without any intervention on wiring or on UPS.

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