Active fire curtains

Fire compartmentation is becoming increasingly important in buildings design and construction. The presence of fire curtains in buildings guarantees safe escape routes through a proper space compartmentation. Moreover, fire spread in various areas is avoided while smoke and hot gases are guided to ventilation systems.
FIRE HOLD – FHA active fire curtains work entirely on gravity, are fail-safe and incorporate all the latest electronic innovations.
They consist of a galvanized metal roller box containing a curtain made of flexible fiberglass fabric coated with grey aluminium polymer on both sides, rolled up on a winding roller with a 24V motor.
The lower edge of the curtains is provided with a steel T-shaped profile that acts as a counterweight in order to stabilize the descend and mechanically blocks the closing.
Fire curtains are also provided with side guides that guarantee the fire resistance between curtains fabric and compartments. These prevent fabric waving in the event of a fire due to positive or negative pressures, which are generated inside buildings.
On the sides of the curtains, special pins are applied to the fabric to allow its sliding inside lateral guides, which are made of galvanized metal sheet.
FIRE HOLD – FHA active fire curtains are classified according to EN 13501-2 Standard “Fire classification of construction products and building elements”, with test report according to EN 1634-1 Standard for non-insulated fire doors.

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