GFRP monobloc upstands for bended sandwich panel

Prefabricated upstands for bended sandwich panel are suitable for curved roofs with panels radius 330 cm, 375 cm, 600 cm type Elycop/Fratelli Re, Rexcop, Archimede, Italpannelli, etc. or additional radii upon request.
They are realized with glass-fibre reinforced polyester, white pigmented on the internal side. They are insulated with rigid expanded polyurethane panels, density 35±1 kg/m3, thickness from 4 to 8 cm. The external side is raw, grey coloured and treated with proper waterproofing special compound. The internal side is white painted and smoothed in order to get a better light diffusion.
Just like the other monobloc upstands, the various opening systems can be applied to get, in addition to a great light diffusion, even an optimal daily ventilation or a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system.

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