GUARDIAN™ control unit and wind-and-rain sensor

GUARDIAN™ patented weather detection system, which can be connected to electric opening devices, allows domes and skylights automatic closing in case of wind and rain, even if the opening has been occurred by a remote button.
If domes and skylights have been accidentally left open, this device, by acting on their forced closing, allows the underneath compartments to be preserved from possible atmospheric precipitations and avoids damage to domes and skylights themselves in presence of strong wind.
Connecting CAODURO® MDR2 module to the motors it is possible to manage the opening and closing by remote control.
Electric wiring diagrams and complete manuals are available by contacting our offices.
GUARDIAN detector is equipped with a wind-rain sensor, for which it is possible to choose the speed of intervention. The sensor has to be installed in an open-air place.
One of a kind, it allows domes and skylights closure upon weather sensor signal even if the opening has been occurred from a remote control and not from the control system itself.
GUARDIAN™ is deactivated in the event of a fire emergency, thus avoiding to hinder the opening of SMOKE OUT® systems.

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