SMOKE LAME™ TT complies with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011. It is provided with CE marking, tested and certified according to EN 12101-2 Standard.
The structure is composed by a perimeter frame and extruded aluminium louvre holder profiles, complete with EPDM gaskets. The louvres can contain alveolar polycarbonate sheets UV rays protected, in clear transparent or opal white colours, or alveolar polycarbonate sheets coupled with aluminium external ones thus obtaining blank louvres.
The opening device can be electric with 24V DC low voltage motors suitable for direct connection for opening by automatic/manual control in case of fire. Otherwise, the opening device can be pneumatic, with low gas consumption, complete with a thermosensitive individual drive unit. The actuator is equipped with MINI-TERMICO group calibrated at 68°C, unless otherwise specified, which is provided with a suitable CO2 cylinder.
The latter operates the pneumatic cylinder to allow the louvers opening. A release system allows opening for inspection and for maintenance from the outside.
Electric motors and opening commands let the SMOKE LAME TT be used for rooms daily ventilation too, thus obtaining a dual purpose device, certified to 10.000 cycles.

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