powered smoke exhaust ventilators

PSO-TC and PSO-TCV smoke and heat exhaust ventilators are destined to systems requiring the extraction of fire smokes, for roofing applications
PSO-TC and PSO-TCV comply with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011. They are provided with CE marking, tested and certified according to EN 12101-3 Standard by a notified body.
These PSHEVs are certified to operate in the event of an emergency (fire) with performance F400 (400°C / 120’). They are also suitable to work in continuous at the maximum ambient temperature of 200°C (PSO-TC), or 60°C (PSO-TCV).
PSO-TC powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilator is a horizontal flow centrifugal roof fan and is composed of: fixing base with inlet cone made of galvanized steel sheet, prepared to be mounted on upstand and to insert the overpressure damper; bird protection grid made of weather resistant steel wire; high efficiency backward curved blades impeller made of galvanized steel sheet; asynchronous three-phase electric motor, IP 55 protection rating, F insulation class, isolated from the conveyed air flow and cooled by outside air, directly coupled to the impeller.
Power supply voltage 400V – 50 Hz; motor protection cover made of galvanized steel sheet.
PSO-TCV versions with vertical flow and double polarity 2V motor are available upon request.
Some accessories are available upon request: flat protection grid, which prevents accidental contact with moving parts of the fan (necessary for use in free air); overpressure damper, which avoids natural ventilation and consequent heat loss while the ventilation fan is switched off; the upstand to be applied on the roof, made of GFRP or metal, suitable for flat or curved coverings; HT service switch.

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