Anti-fall and anti-intrusion grids

Anti-falling grids are essential in case safety has to be guaranteed against falling from height.
Anti-intrusion grids are made according Italian ANIA Standard, in order to avoid intrusions from the outside.
The installation is carried out together with upstands, either metallic or prefabricated, in such a way to make the whole thing a unique irremovable element.
They are made of galvanized metal mesh with rods or with metallic grids Keller/Orsogril type, perimetrically edged with a roof fastening profile. Their design and typology are custom made.

Avaiable standard meshes are:
anti-falling 50×50 mm, rod Ø 3 mm;
anti-falling 200×200 mm, rod Ø 8 mm;
anti-intrusion ANIA 180×500 mm, rod Ø 16 mm;
anti-intrusion 63×132 mm, plate 3×30 mm.

The mesh grids 50×50 Ø3 mm and 200×200 Ø8 mm are equipped with a test report.

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