K35 FX series continuous skylights

In order to meet the new market needs, K35 FX series has been introduced for its excellent thermal insulation, at the expense of a great load bearing capacity obtained with solid polycarbonate sheets (035 FX and M35 FX) and a lower hail resistance. K35 FX series is manufactured by thermoforming alveolar polycarbonate sheets, UV rays protected, in standard opal white colour, with reaction to fire classification B-s2-d0 according to EN 13501-1 Standard.
It is possible to apply to this series the whole or partial opening system.
The fastenings are made with standard clamps, which offer the maximum guarantee to water tightness and thermal expansion.
In order to get a correct installation, the skylights need a perimeter support with thickness to the finished of any sheaths of 7.5 cm on concrete walls, wood, prefabricated glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP) or metallic upstands.
CAODURO® skylights are manufactured and tested according to the following European Standard which requires CE marking: EN 14963 Roof coverings – Continuous rooflights of plastics with or without upstands – Classification, requirements and test methods.

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