S series skylights

S series ribbed skylights have been conceived to offer the designer a standard product.
First quality materials, modular flexibility given by the aluminium rib structure together with a pleasant aesthetic aspect make this product the right choice for every application need.
S series skylights can be single or double skin, using solid polycarbonate (PC) sheets or, upon request, alveolar polycarbonate sheets.
Rib spacings vary according to the sheet type used, as shown in the table. Any excess in length compared to the expected multiples of the modules is compensated with an element that can be positioned laterally or centrally to the skylight, depending on the shape of the hole.
Such as standard continuous skylights, even S series ribbed skylights can be provided with manual or electric partial opening devices (one or more pushing points depending on the size), or with whole opening devices by means of electric motor and about 70 cm long racks.


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