Sawtooth roofs skylights

Sawtooth roofs skylights are designed to create horizontal openings on sawtooth roofs. They are manufactured with smooth or corrugated sandwich panels, which are made of high density polyurethane, coated on both sides with prepainted galvanized steel sheet. The front side is composed of a metal frame and alveolar polycarbonate sheets.

The covers on the bottom, on the sides and on the top of the frame are made of prepainted metal sheet. These skylights do not have standard dimensions and are custom made.

Upon request it is possible to install opening devices for rooms daily ventilation, consisting of extruded aluminium pre-anodized or painted profiles complete with gaskets. The operation can be carried out in different ways, with 230V and 24V electric motors with variable opening angle. Otherwise it is possible to install NSHEVs such as SMOKE OUT VERT and SMOKE SHED, even with dual purpose device.


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