GCP control panel

To control smoke and fire active curtains

SMOKE HOLD – SHA and FIRE HOLD – FHA active curtains functioning is managed through a GCP control panel operating at 230V AC.

Each GCP is able to control up to 6 24V motors (3 motors with great size curtains).

Each motor is connected to an MCC control circuit contained in a specific box which is placed on the same side of the motor, above the roller box. The roller motors are connected to the GCP, thus creating a loop circuit by means of 4 mm2 bipolar (+ ground) cables, not exceeding 100 m length.
Under normal operating conditions, GCP powers 24V curtains motors, keeping the curtains inside roller boxes.
In the event of an alarm signal from the fire detection system (the latter excluded from our supply), the GCP opens the circuit contact and removes power supply to the curtains motors. Therefore, the curtains automatically fall by gravity (fail-safe), with controlled speed, positioning themselves at a pre-established height.
When the alarm signal is reset, GCP restores power supply to the motors and the curtains retract themselves. When the curtains are completely retracted, the limitation circuit detects the complete rewinding and power supply is reduced to stand-by value.
Each GCP is supplied with two 12V 7A backup batteries, which allow to maintain the control of the system in case of main power failure.
Battery voltage is continuously monitored and, in case it falls below 85% of the rated charge, it will be disconnected by lowering the curtain under gravity effect at controlled speed.

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