Low thermal transmittance profile BT

Following European Directive 2002/91/CE, Italian Legislative Decree D.Lgs n° 311 and subsequent D.Lgs n° 192, Italy has aligned itself with other member countries as far as energetic performance arrangements to be respected are concerned.
Always in the forefront proposing innovative products with low environmental impact, CAODURO® has integrated the production range with new solutions in order to adequate standard production to new requirements.
The problem concerned especially openable domes and skylights, which use aluminium extruded profiles without thermal break. As known, this constructive mode greatly penalizes thermal performance of the product. Thanks to specific studies and the use of innovative technologies, CAODURO® has developed a special patented profile to be applied to the frame.
BT is the new CAODURO® profile that extends the existing products range. Applied to aluminium frames, it improves thermal performance, ensuring compliance with the strictest local regulations. Its use allows access to tax incentives provided on the matter by the new financial laws on energy saving.
Made of extruded PVC, grey coloured, it responds to the most demanding requirements: low thermal transmittance, savings, comfort and strength, care in aesthetics.
Thanks to special rails, it can be applied even to existing frames quickly and easily.
BT is a patented CAODURO® profile. A guarantee of reliability and duration over time.

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