Self-supporting Tunnels

Manufacturing consists of heat-bending high quality thermoplastic polymers sheets, such as polycarbonate (PC).
Thermoforming process induces a partial orientation of the polymer molecules. During moulding, stiffening ribs are realized every 90 cm in order to make the tunnel self-supporting and able to withstand standard static and dynamic stresses as required. It is possible to obtain 90 cm long elements by cutting the centre of intermediate ribs (60 cm long elements in case of 300 cm modules).
The absence of metal ribs avoids the formation of thermal bridges and, therefore, possible condensation forming. The tunnel is so completely transparent and the spreading light is uniform.
Vertical closing head elements are available upon request for every size. They are manufactured by thermoforming flat sheets in two different shapes according to the tunnel size: smooth and slightly rounded or moulded with reinforcing ribs. Moulded ribs improve rigidity of the element, making it stable and safe even for the biggest dimensions.

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